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Demain (version française), samedi, 27 mai, 19h30 au Vic Theatre de Victoria

Endroit: Vic Theatre
808 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2B6

Demain est un documentaire inspirant qui montre ce qu’est la résilience environnementale.  Gagnant du César pour meilleur documentaire en 2016, Demain fut l’inspiration pour plusieurs initiatives communautaires.  Venez voir comment, tout en ayant beaucoup de plaisir, des citoyens du monde entier transforment leurs communautés afin de devenir soutenables et résilients.  En anglais, français, hindi avec sous-titres en français.

Tickets are $3-$5

Vic Theatre
808 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2B6

Both screenings are followed by Q & A in French and English with Manon Gartside, M.Sc. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Cert. Permaculture Design

Demain (version française, sous-titres en français), samedi, 27 mai, 19h30
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The documentary integrates what we need for sustainability and resilience.

It starts out tackling food security with agroecology and permaculture, then moves on to energy, industrial ecology, economics, democracy and education. It interviews Stanford researchers, Detroit urban farmers, Todmorden edible landscapers, permaculture farmers in England and France. It highlights geothermal energy in Iceland, wind and solar coops, Copenhagen’s integrated bike and transit infrastructure, Jan Gehl on car-free urban planning, net-zero, passive house energy retrofits in Denmark, Germany and the Reunion Island, industrial ecology and biomimicry in France, zero waste in San Francisco, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) in Oakland, complementary interest-free currencies in England, Belgium and Switzerland, Transition Town with Bob Hopkins, Vandana Shiva on civil disobedience for violations of the laws of nature and the laws of human rights, citizens assemblies chosen by lot (sortition) in Iceland who rewrote the constitution and citizens assemblies in Texas made it a wind energy leader, Indian direct democracy where Dalits and non-Dalits live and work together and finally education in Finland where there are no private schools, little or no testing, homework or teacher and school evaluation, where classes are 15 students with 2 teachers and half of students will receive targeted tutoring, where students are educated to be happy, self-learners and active citizens, topping international academic standards in the process.


Catégories: Vision Ouest Productions Publié par Manon Gartside
Quand: 2017-Mai-27


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