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Le film DEMAIN / TOMORROW, the film, in English, with discussion and networking

Endroit: Auditorium Jules-Verne
5445 rue Baillie, Vancouver

France, 2015, Mélanie Laurent & Cyril Dion, 1h58, avec : Anthony Barnosky, Olivier De Schutter, Cyril Dion. Sous-titré en anglais.

Showing solutions, telling a feel-good story… this may be the best way to solve the ecological, economical and social crises that our countries are going through. After a special briefing for the journal Nature announced the possible extinction of a part of mankind before the end of the 21st century, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, together with a team of four people, carried out an investigation in ten different countries to figure out what may lead to this disaster and above all how to avoid it. During their journey, they met the pioneers who are re-inventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. Joining those concrete and positive actions which are already working, they began to figure out what could be tomorrow’s world…


Catégories: Vision Ouest Productions Publié par Mario Beaudoin
Quand: 2017-Mar-21



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