Language Lesson Exchange for Housing
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Can someone help me out here? I would like to advertise on a website to attract a native French speaking person to consider an offer of a stay in Metro Vancouver in exchange for some informal language lessons. I have a large bedroom replete with walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom.

I am the father of three young boys - aged 6, 11 and 13. All three are in the francophone school system. All three (plus me) would benefit from a such an exchange. I have hosted international students (four) and all of us have thoroughly enjoyed this.

My father was born and raised in Meillac near St Malo. Unfortunately he was killed in an industrial accident when I was young. My mother was English.  I would like to brush up on my French to the point of where I can honestly and accurately consider myself fluently bilingual. My sons are well on their way.

I welcome any suggestions of websites to advertise on or of people who may be interested in such a situation. I am not looking for a long term exchange and am happy to open my home to a few people over the next year or so.

As my confidence in my French language utilisation grows I would like to become involved in the local Francophone/phile community.



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Bienvenue sur Coupet.  Tu serais peut-être intéressé à venir au camping La Débandade avec tes gamins le weekend du 9-11 juillet.  Ça serait une bonne occasion pour toi de rencontrer des francophones.  Toutes les infos seront bientôt sur le site.


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