Prove Your Frenchiness

Someone serves you a bowl of French fries with nothing on it. What would sound right with it?

Who is “le Bonhomme Carnaval”?

Someone tells you “ Tu veut tu un p’tit verre de caribou (mon minou)”. What are you just about to drink? (more than one answer may apply)

Since Québec is the largest producer of Maple Syrup in the world and you can pour it on pretty much anything, what would be the most bizarre place to put Maple Syrup?

Who speak English best among those Canadian politicians?

If someone tells you « Mon tabarnac, décâlisse avant que je t’en crisse un», what should be the most appropriate response?

Why is it that guys from Québec have a tendency to hit on every woman they see?

The song « le Phoque en Alaska » (pronounced Fuck) is a song about:

The Conservative party and their lack of support in Canadian culture (made famous on youtube)